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Flexitallic have been at the forefront of fluid sealing innovation for over 100 years.

The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, high value industrial static sealing products, delivering industrial gaskets on a global scale. ​

Over the years, their products have gained a reputation for quality, reliability and technology that is second to none.

The company invests heavily in research and development which, when paired with un-rivalled engineering expertise, has led to the development of many proprietary sealing solutions designed to assist customers in meeting increasingly strict regulatory standards. It is this dedication to innovation that has given rise to unique product offerings such as the Thermiculite®, Sigma® and Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) product ranges, often the only viable sealing solution for a given application.

With ISO 9001 manufacturing locations on 5 continents and a comprehensive range of products that includes spiral wound gaskets, kammprofiles, RTJ gaskets, sheet gaskets and dynamic and static packings, Flexitallic sealing solutions are a vital and integral part of many industrial sectors.


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