"High Temperature"

Flange Insulating Set




The Flexitallic Group has developed the I-Flex isolation system, an insulation gasket to provide electrical and cathodic insulation using Sigma technology.

The I-Flex isolation system is specially engineered materials enable to extend the current operating temperatures seen with traditional insulation technology. The gasket is constructed from Flexitallic’s specially designed serration profile faced with structurally modified PTFE based on Flexitallic’s proprietary Sigma® Technology.

The product benefits of the I-Flex Isolation gasket are flange isolation which is ideal for cathodic protection. Isolation is achieved by using a smaller version of the isolation gasket located between the flange and steel backing washer. Flexitallic’s Sigma® technology increases the scope of application temperatures, pressures and chemical compatibility.

The specially engineered materials used in the I-Flex isolation system are able to extend traditional operating temperatures seen with current insulation technology.
Flexitallic’s I-flex isolation gasket set now allows designers and operators a greater choice in service conditions, no longer restricted by conventional sealing technology.


Isolation Service Profile


Flexitallic identified the need for the I-Flex isolation gasket set system, offering greater choice in service conditions, no longer restricted by standard isolation sealing technology.
Service Temperature Range:


•Temperature -200°C to 260°C
Service Pressure Range:


•Upto and including Asme B16.5 2500 lb.

Chemical compatibility:

• pH range - 0 - 14. Strong oxidising and reducing agents.

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