Equipment must withstand highly corrosive fluids, severe pressures and extreme temperatures and do so under ever increasing demands for greater efficiencies and higher output. Reliable, high integrity seals are critical in ensuring the safety and environmental impact of plant.

Flexitallic are the world’s leading supplier of static sealing products to this sector. Inventors of the spiral wound gasket in 1912 - still the preferred option for many oil and gas applications - and developers of Thermiculite® - the only reliable solution for extreme high temperature applications - our reputation for innovation and reliability is unmatched.



The Oil and Gas industry presents one of the most challenging environments for industrial sealing products.

Examples of Flexitallic innovative solutions to complex sealing problems 

Fluid Catalytic Crackers

In off-shore facilities, the fight against corrosion is a constant battle. Internal corrosion and flanges are responsible for a significant proportion of all hydrocarbon releases and can have a major impact on operating costs, particularly on older assets. The Flexitallic Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) has been created in direct response to this problem. Utilising Flexitallic’s revolutionary sealing technology, the FRG is capable of adapting to damaged flange sealing surfaces. Full closure of the corroded area prevents further damage, with operators able to open flanges for inspection and confidently resume operation using a new FRG.


Off-shore Assets

Fluid catalytic cracking (FCCU) units convert high molecular hydrocarbon fractions of petroleum crude oils to petrol and other lighter molecular weight products. The process presents many challenges to traditional sealing products which must withstand high temperatures and pressures. Flexitallic Spiral wound gaskets filled with Thermiculite® 835 filler have a proven track record in sealing flanges in FCCU units. The unique Thermiculite® filler ensures a high integrity, long term seal in this operating environment and enable the crackers to perform to their highest efficiency.



Alkylation units in refining often use Hydrofluoric acid (HF) to increase the octane levels in petroluem. HF is an extremely corrosive fluid which, if sealed with conventional gasket products, can attack flange surfaces and provide an opportunity for leakage. To combat this potentially hazardous release, Flexitallic have developed the FRG-HF, the ultimate sealing solution for HF applications. The product not only prevents corrosion activity but has the ability to seal already corroded flanges in maintenance operations. The FRG-HF combines the low stress sealing of the fully structured modified PTFE along with the fire safe graphite faced serrated metal core.

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